3 Things People That Quit Weed And Succeed Have In Common

Many people who smoke marijuana do it rarely or only smoke it occasionally and have no problems in quitting. However, people smoking regularly, or for a long time that are trying to quit marijuana, are experiencing real problems getting away from the drug.

Marijuana can become addictive in a regular user.

With the potency of marijuana on the rise, many people are now finding themselves addicted. Across the globe, there are literally millions of people smoking marijuana regularly, and over 90% of them will attempt to quit at some point in their life.

Will they all quit weed and succeed?

No, many people who try to quit marijuana will fail. In fact, the large majority of people trying to quit will fail within the first two weeks, and continue to smoke for years. Sometimes these people will smoke weed for the remainder of their life.

Although many people fail, there are some that quit weed properly. As a result, these people manage to move on with their life after strong marijuana addictions. cbd berlin

There are three main things that people who quit weed and succeed have in common.

Although these people all come from different backgrounds, they are similar in a few ways, and it’s probably not what you think. They don’t all use some magic pill to help them quit. They don’t have extensive exercise regimes (although some do). They don’t have life threatening situations that demand complete health.

None of these things are necessary. However they all do have a few things in common.

  1. Everyone that quits weed and succeeds has hit a point in their life in which getting high is no longer seen as a good thing. Either it gives them headaches, makes them sick or gives them an unhappy feeling of guilt or something similar. The point is, they see marijuana differently to before, it is no longer recreational and certainly no reward in life.
  2. Everyone that quits weed and succeeds has almost always tried to quit weed before, and sees the addiction as a problem. Sometimes you need to fail a few times before you realize the seriousness of the situation. Typically, marijuana is looked upon lightly, and this needs to change in order to quit. These people know that they have an addiction, and realize the longer they leave the problem – the more serious it can become.
  3. Everyone that quits weed and has responsibilities. To live and smoke weed every day doesn’t seem so bad as a teenager, yet as you grow older you are piled with responsibility, and smoking weed not only drops in priority, it actually gets in the way of your new life. These responsibilities in life are often a driving force that enables people to leave marijuana behind and begin to take charge.

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