The Best Self Defense For Seniors Is The Keychain Alarm

Every day that the sun rises over the eastern horizon it shines upon more senior citizens than it did the day previous. Every night that it settles in the west and night falls upon America that means that there are that many more targets for purse snatching, low-life, morally bankrupt thieves to attack for personal gain. It can be a dangerous world out there and there may be nobody that is truer for then senior citizens living alone. The simple fact of the matter is that as we age we tend to lose a little bit of our natural ability to defend ourselves against attack and those thieves we just talked about know that all too well. There is a very simple, effective, safe, legal and inexpensive way for seniors to defend themselves though and that is with a simple keychain alarm.

Obviously senior citizens have a multitude of choices when it comes to self-defense products. There are stun devices, tasers, pepper spray, mace, batons, firearms, knives, martial arts training and the list goes on and on. Every single one of those alternatives I just mentioned cost more than a keychain alarm, are far more dangerous than a keychain alarm and most require at least some basic training in order to use the device to its maximum capacity. Personal alarms take absolutely no special training whatsoever, cost about the same as a meal at McDonalds and are still extremely effective in deterring criminals. acrylic charms

Personal alarms, usually in the form of a keychain work by emitting an insanely loud siren for such a small device. I am talking about 130 decibels loud and that is roughly the decibel equivalent of sitting in the 10th row of a rock concert. So when some bad guy goes to take your purse, and a wailing alarm that can be heard for a quarter mile goes off, I can assure you that the purse snatcher will understand he has just drawn the attention of every single person in the vicinity that isn’t completely deaf. Attention is the last thing a purse snatcher wants and more often than not this should get him running the other way in fear of being caught. The fact that the alarm comes in the form of a keychain makes it almost impossible to forget at home and also very convenient for everyday use as most also come equipped with a flashlight.

So please don’t hesitate to equip yourself with a simple keychain alarm if you are a senior citizen living alone or to buy one for a senior you know is living alone.

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